Sell products in the voucher shop

Via a detour it is possible in e-guma to sell individual products in the voucher shop. This solution should only be used if you want to sell a few products (1-4) online. Essentially, we recommend that you use specialised software for the sale of products.

You can test the purchase of a product in our demo shop.

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Procedure when buying a product

To capture a product in e-guma, a new voucher type is created with special settings. Products are in e-guma vouchers. The difference is that in the shop no inscription can be entered and there is no preview.

If a product is added to the shopping cart, the shipping option print@home is deactivated and only post delivery is possible.
If the product is paid for, you will receive an e-mail from e-guma with a link to the order to ship the product, just like a voucher order.
If you click on Send on the product or on the voucher, instead of a voucher a PDF will be opened with a note (see figure below) on how the order should be processed. You can set the text of the note yourself.
Fully redeem the voucher.

Post the ordered product in your ERP/PMS software including VAT and enter voucher as payment method. 

Send the product with the receipt from e-guma.

Please ensure that The VAT is not shown in the sales report from e-guma. The VAT is charged when the product is posted in your ERP/PMS software.    

It is important that you check this process with your accounting.


What restrictions are there?

  • Products cannot be paid for with a voucher.
  • It is not possible to set the shipping costs per product. The shipping costs can only be specified for the entire voucher shop.
  • There is no warehouse management.