Shipping costs

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Set up shipping costs

In the settings for the voucher system you can determine the amount of the shipping costs and activate them immediately.

Selling vouchers with shipping costs

Online shop

The shipping costs are displayed in the online shop when selecting post delivery.

The shipping costs are shown on the overview page.


Local sales

You can add the shipping costs also while selling vouchers locally.


Issue a voucher as usual ( here you'll find out how).


As soon as you arrive to the Customer data form, you'll have the possibility to add the shipping costs:

The suggested amount is the default one used for the Onlineshop, but you can edit it and enter any amount. The default amount can be seen under the Settings tab.


On the invoice/receipt for the customer, the shipping costs including VAT are shown.


e-guma back office

Voucher management

In the voucher management you see the costs for shipping. 

Sales report

In the sales report, a separate booking will be created as a minus for shipping. Why minus? In the example below, the total amount of CHF 845.00 will be added to the first booking Voucher booked with Online VISA. CHF 5.00 is too much. With the minus booking this amount will be deducted from the voucher account and credited to the shipping costs account.

The total of the sales report does not include shipping costs.

With the filter payment method you can only search for shipping costs.