Issuing vouchers locally - Pro forma

You can use the pro forma payment method to issue vouchers for the supply of a known product or service (e.g., an evening meal with drinks) but where the value of that service is not known. Once a voucher of this kind is redeemed, the purchaser of the voucher will receive an invoice for the goods or services actually consumed.

Use your PMS to generate these invoices. As they relate to a service that has already been provided, you must also charge VAT.

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Issuing vouchers with pro forma as the payment method

Issue a custom, individual voucher ( instructions here).
Enter 0 as the voucher amount.
Select Proforma as the payment method.
Complete the voucher order as normal.


Characteristics of a pro forma voucher

Each voucher that you issue with "pro forma" as the payment method shows the letter P at the start of the 12-digit voucher code. In the voucher management, you can also recognise pro forma vouchers by the Pro invoice icon.

In addition, a comment is automatically generated and added to pro forma vouchers. This comment is visible in the Voucher management tool and when the voucher is redeemed.


Redeeming pro forma vouchers

Select your usual voucher redemption template ( redemption options here).

Enter the value of the goods or services and click on Redeem.

Now issue an invoice to the purchaser of the voucher. You should generate this invoice in your PMS (such as Fidelio or Protel, etc.) and record the customer as a debtor. VAT must be charged separately. The invoice address can be found in the detailed view of the relevant voucher in the voucher management tool.



No sales booking record is created in the sales report when the voucher is issued, nor when it is redeemed. The redemption of a pro forma voucher is also excluded from the redemption report.


Acivating the pro forma payment method

Contact us to turn on the Pro forma payment method.