Issuing vouchers locally - Payment after validation

Do you have customers who would like to order a specific number of vouchers from you, and only pay for the vouchers that are redeemed? In this article, we'll show you how to perform this activity.

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Issuing vouchers

In the menu, go to Vouchers -> Sell
Select the desired voucher and the approriate quantity.
Select the following payment method: Payment after validation.
This payment method cannot be combined with any other payment methods. Moreover, this payment method cannot be changed retrospectively.
You're done! This order will not generate any entries in the Sales report. The order cannot be booked as revenue at this point.
The commission via e-guma will be charged when the voucher is issued. Vouchers that have not been redeemed can be cancelled once they have expired. You will then be credited for the commission payable on the unredeemed vouchers.


Redeeming vouchers

These vouchers can be redeemed in the same way as any other. When the voucher is redeemed, an entry in the redemption report and an entry in the sales report will be generated, showing the amount of the redemption.


Charging your customer

Invoice the customer regularly for vouchers as they are redeemed (e.g., on a monthly basis). 

In the menu, go to Accounting -> Sales report.
Click on Show additional filters and enter the order number in the Order number field.
The total value of the redeemed vouchers will be shown in the sales report.
Generate an invoice in your order management software for the total of the sales report and send the invoice to the customer.


Deleting unredeemed vouchers

Once the vouchers have expired, you can delete any vouchers that have not been redeemed.  Partially redeemed vouchers will not be cancelled. The total amount of a partially redeemed voucher will be adjusted automatically, so that it matches the amount redeemed. This means that the voucher can no longer be redemed. The difference will also be appllied to your commission calculations.

Please contact us, so that we can cancel the vouchers for you.


Activating the functionality

This feature does not come as standard.Please contact us for the functionality to be activated. Payment after validation.