Calculating commission for vouchers and tickets

It is very important to us for you as a customer to have a clear picture of how your commissions are calculated.

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Adapting the commission rate

A commission rate always remains valid for an entire year. We may reclassify your commission rate into a different bracket once each year, on the anniversary of your go-live date. Commission on paid transactions and/or that is still open will be credited or settled at the new rate respectively.


Voucher commissions

In this chapter you will find out how to proof the received commission invoice.

Exporting a voucher commission report

Each month, you will receive e-guma's commission invoice. Your e-guma Back Office gives you the option of exporting a detailed commission report. By using this report, you can the vouchers for which we are charging you. This information can be found in your e-guma Back Office.

In the e-guma Voucher System menu, select Tools -> e-guma Commissions.
Select the desired settlement month.
Then click on the  Download report button.

Understanding your commission report

The monthly report notifies you of vouchers that have been sold, cancelled or amended, as well as the total voucher revenue.

The individual vouchers and their amounts are listed in the commission report. Cancelled vouchers are shown with a negative amount. You will be credited with the commission on this amount.

Vouchers that you sponsor with the Maison or Discount payment methods are not subject to commission from e-guma.  

Checking your commission report

The Invoice payment method may lead to differences between the sales report and the Commission Settlement. Learn more about this here.

If you wish to check the  commission report, you can take the folloiwing steps:

In the menu of the e-guma vouchers system, select Vouchers -> Manage and click on the blue Search button on the left.
Enter the corresponding order period (according to the commission report).
For the Method of payment, click on Advanced and activate the Exclusive field for the payment methods Maison and Discount.
Click on the button  Search.
The total "There are  ... vouchers of a total amount of  CHF ..." should now match the total voucher revnue in the commission report.


Ticket commissions

If you're using the e-guma Ticketing system, you will be charegd a ticket commission with a mounthly invoice.

Checking your ticket commissions

You can compare your commission with the ticket sales report.

In the menu of the e-guma ticketing system, select Accounting -> Sales Report

Enter the corresponding order period (according to the commission report).

If you wish to export every single order and every single ticket type, then active the buttons Split ticket types and Show orders.
Click on the button  PDF.

On the first page of the PDF you will find a short summary of the sold tickets and the total revenue. This amount should match the amount on your commission invoice.

Have you been charged for free tickets? These are tickets that you sold for 0.00 price. You can find these on the sales report by exporting the report and using the button Split ticket types. The amount of tickets with 0.00 price matches the amount of free tickets charged on the commission invoice.
Find out here everything about the sales report, how it is built and how you can record your revenue.

What if the numbers don't match? Contact us, we'll be happy to help.