Using vouchers with partner businesses

In this article, you'll learn how voucher settlement works with partner businesses.

In this article

Selling vouchers

You can issue vouchers that you have created with a partner business as normal.

Complimentary vouchers

Please ensure that these vouchers are not issued with the payment method set to Complimentary.


Redeeming vouchers

A voucher that is sold via one of your partner businesses is redeemed in the same way as one of your own vouchers.


Partner settlement

In the menu of the e-guma ticketing system, select Accounting -> Voucher settlement with a partner business.
Specify the timespan for the settlement to cover (the last month).
Select your partner business and click on PDF or Excel.
The report will list all vouchers sold by your partner business but which were redeemed with you.
This report can be used as the basis to issue an invoice to your partner business.
Book the income to your voucher account.
If vouchers sold by you are redeemed at one of your partner businesses, you will receive an invoice from the partner business.
Book the value of the invoice to your voucher account.

Important: to ensure that e-guma's voucher archive matches your accounting, you must generate this invoice monthly.