An overview of vouchers with partner businesses

Would you like to work with one or more partners to create a special voucher offer that you can offer through your voucher shop? e-guma supports this through voucher settlement with partner businesses

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A new voucher code will be configured for all partners. As a rule, only vouchers with listed items are used. These make it possible to combine offer separate services (e.g., 1x admission to Partner A and 1x dinner at Partner B) in a single voucher. Both partners can sell the new voucher on site and/or via the online shop.

The partner who sells the voucher retains the income in the first instance. A portion of the voucher will then be redeemed with partner A, with a portion also being redeemed with partner B. We recommend that both partners carry out a partner reconciliation exercise monthly, issuing an invoice for the value of the redeemed vouchers to the other partner.

Learn more about the exact partner reconciliation process in practice here.


All partner businesses must have a licence for the full version of e-guma.
All partner businesses must work in the same currency.
The partner businesses must not be part of an e-guma Group.


The costs for configuring partner voucher settlement are CHF 450.00 / EUR 450.00 per e-guma full version.


Please contact us, if you would like to activate the functionality for voucher settlement with a partner business. Please provide details of all partners involved, so that we can
link your e-guma accounts together.