Overview of e-guma WebCashbox

In this article, you'll learn how you can deploy e-guma WebCashbox on your workstations or cash registers.

In this article

What is an e-guma WebCashbox?

The e-guma WebCashbox is a website that allows you to sell and redeem vouchers in the blink of an eye, without having to log in to the e-guma back end.

Put WebCashbox to the test

Link to the WebCashbox for our demo hotel, the Beethoven Palace. You can obtain test vouchers directly from the Demo Shop. Select credit card as the payment type. As this a Demo Shop, the credit card details are already entered for you.



Internet connection Yes
Web browser Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer (version 8 or higher)
Open WebCashbox Your security settings must support opening the WebCashbox URL in a new browser.



Activation and use of the e-guma WebCashbox is included in the e-guma service.  


Scope and features

Voucher redemption
Redeem vouchers with a position solution Yes
Cancelling a redemption
Voucher balance enquiry
Issue a stock voucher (activate)
Cancel a stock voucher (deactivate) No
Issue a stock voucher with flexible amount (activation)


Configuring WebCashbox

In the menu of your e-guma Voucher System, select Settings -> WebCashbox.
Click on the blue "Add" button.
Select the desired User and confirm your selection by selecting "Save."
The link to WebCashbox can now be stored wherever you wish, e.g., on your desktop, as a bookmark or favourite, or on the home screen of your smartphone or tablet.


Installation on your cash register system

Selecting a new payment method for redemptions

Configure a new payment method in your cash register system for E-GUMA Vouchers. You should not use the same payment method as you have used for previous vouchers. The existing payment method should, however, be retained to enable you to redeem existing vouchers.

New items to sell vouchers (optional)

If you would like to sell vouchers via your cash registers, configure a new Voucher item, which is not subject to VAT and which does not generate revenue.The value of the item should be freely selectable at the checkout.

Depending on the checkout type, you can save the link to the WebCashbox in the system directly and call it up by a button. This means that you can perform the redemption and make the payment effective from a single device. For a clear explanation as to whether your cash register is suitable, please contact your cash register supplier or the e-guma support team.


WebCashBox features an autocomplete capability once you have entered the first three characters of a 12-digit voucher code. Alternatively, you can use a scanner to read voucher codes instead.A selection of scanners can be found here.