Barcode- and QR-Code Scanner

Vouchers and tickets may optionally be checked using a scanner. This is entirely voluntary, as codes can be entered manually or by way of autocompletion. However, using a scanner can be both practical and efficient in some circumstances. 

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Scanner models

In principle, any standard commercial barcode scanner can be used, provided it is Code 128 compatible. If your vouchers and/or tickets feature a QR code, you need a scanner that can read 2D codes. Should you need new hardware, we recommend the following models: 

Barcode and QR Code scanners (hand scanners)

Datalogic Quickscan QW2420 Scanner KIT for Barcode 128 and QR-Codes


Barcode and QR Code scanners (fixed scanners)

Honeywell Lecteur de codes-barres HF680


Checking the scanner country settings

It is possible that a scanner may be delivered from the manufacturer with an incorrect country configuration. In this event, the scanner may recognise the voucher code with apostrophes (') rather than dashes (-). If this occurs, you can change the country configuration with minimal effort. Please review the instructions in your scanner's manual.