Using promo codes to reveal ticket types

A promo code can be used to show hidden ticket types in the Ticket Shop. In this article, you'll learn how to set up a promo code.

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The two following steps are required to create a promo code:
Hide ticket types in the online shop
Add the promo code

Hide ticket types in the online shop

Learn here how to hide one or more ticket types in the online shop.


Adding a new promo code

In the e-guma Ticketing System menu, select Marketing -> Promo code then click on the blue Add button. Enter all details as required, then click on the blue Save button.


Assign a description to the promo code. This description only applies to internal usage.

Events and admissions

Select the desired Event or Admission for which you want to set up the promo code. You can also select multiple events/admissions.

Ticket types

This is how to specify which ticket types should be shown when the promo code is entered.

Code types

With code types, you can select between Custom codes, Unique Codes and Generated codes.

Custom Code

In the Code field, you can enter a suitable name for the promo code. You can then disclose this code to your customers for later use in the online shop.

If you want to use multiple custom promocodes, select Unique Codes. Enter the list of codes you wish to use.

You will have the chance to edit (delete or add codes) after having created the list. Simply select Edit codes for applying any change:

Generated Codes

You can specify the number of codes and export them as a CSV file. All codes are six digit, numeric codes.


Select one of the following application alternatives:


If you select Unlimited, you allow the promo code to be used for every selected event an unlimited amount of times.

Limited (in total)

If you select Limited (in total), you allow the promo code to be used for every selected event but for a limited amount of times in total.

Limited per Event

If you select Limited per Event, you allow the promo code to be used for every selected event and you can also establish how many times it can be used for each event.

Example: You wish to create a promo code which is valid for 2 or more events but can be used max. 2 times for each single event? Then you should create the promo code as displayed below:


Custom Code

You can select how many tickets can be ordered with the promo code in total. You can either select  unlimited or limited options, then specify the desired maximum number of tickets.

Generated Codes

You can select how many tickets can be ordered for each code generated. You can either select unlimited or limited, then enter your desired maximum number of tickets.


Entering promo codes in the online shop

Your customers can enter the promo code on the detailed event webpage. The promo code box is only shown if a promo code has been configured for this event. If the code is entered correctly, hidden ticket types will be shown.

Important: If you test the promocode, you must clear it after entering it in the cache, so that you can test the code several times in succession. The easiest way to do this is by either deleting the browsing history or adding ?promocode=delete to the shop URL at the end.

If all ticket types for an event are hidden, the following message is shown:  Please enter a promo code to unlock the tickets.


Showing orders with promo codes

To see which tickets have been ordered with a promo code, select Orders -> Manage from the e-guma ticketing system menu. Then click on the Export as Excel button. In the exported Excel list, you will see the relevant promo code description (internal description) as well as the promo code that was actually entered.

In addition, you will see the promo code description as well as the code used (in brackets) in the detailed view of the individual order (left-click on the desired order to see these details).


Disable code

You can deactivate generated promo codes. Click on the blue button Disable code.

For a promo code campaign created with a custom code, this feature is not available to you.

Then enter the appropriate code and click Deactivate.

Already redeemed codes can not be deactivated.


Add codes

If you want to add more codes for a running promo code action, click the blue Add Codes button in the menu.

For a promo code campaign created with a custom code, this feature is not available to you.

Enter the desired number of new codes and click Add codes.

After confirmation, the new codes are generated and listed. This makes it easy to copy the codes to the clipboard for further use.