Voucher with positions

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Use cases

Vouchers with positions have a fixed allocation of the voucher credit. This allows you to redeem vouchers only in the predefined positions and/or locations. 

Possible use cases for vouchers with positions could be:    

  • Dinner & Casino Package
    A packages includes dinner, a casino tour, an aperitif, and a certain amount of gaming credit.
  • Train journey and F&B
    A packages includes a train journey, and also lunch or dinner.

These vouchers are partially redeemed in blocks. Instead of calculating and partially redeeming the corresponding amount from the total amount, the redemption is based on the predefined position with name and amount.


These positions must be set up at the level of the voucher type and this will be done by the e-guma Support.

Please contact us if you would like to use vouchers with positions.

You can split  a voucher into any number of positions. The following settings and values can be predefined for each position.


This is the name of the position as it will appear upon redemption of the voucher. 


You can predefine the share of any individual position in the total credit of the voucher. You may enter a fix amount, zero, or a dynamic calculation based on the set up of the voucher type. In this case, the share of a position will be calculated in accordance to the selection made, when issuing the voucher (number of people, selection of options). Please keep in mind the restrictions

Redeem location

Optionally, you can define where and which positions can be redeemed. Several redeem locations can be set up per position, as well as several positions per location. The e-guma branch solution is required to work with differend redeem locations. Redeem locations may also be set up across e-guma accounts. This requires the e-guma group module

By assigning a location, you can ensure that positions can only be redeemed by the predefined branches or accounts.

A location that has not been predefined as a redemption point cannot redeem any position of the voucher.


It is possible that several positions can be redeemed at one location. If you redeem the voucher in the e-guma back office, the WebCashbox or the Voucher App, you can simply choose and select the desired position. However, if you redeem the vouchers in a cash register interface, this is not possible. In this case, you can add a subcode to the voucher code for each position. For example, you can define the subcode "a.EDQR-TU3A-M3F7" for an aperitif in the restaurant and "m.EDQR-TU3A-M3F7" for the menu in the restaurant. The desired item is selected by adding the corresponding subcode as a prefix to the voucher code.

Partially redeem a position

Usually, a position is redeemed in full and the amount to be redeemed cannot be changed. In some cases, however, it may be necessary for a position to be redeemed partially, e.g. if a position represents some consumption credit that does not necessarily have to be redeemed in full.

A position can only be partially redeemed in the e-guma WebCashbox or in the e-guma Voucher App.

Redeem vouchers with positions

You can redeem vouchers with positions across different channels. Depending on the set up of the redeem locations none, all or individual positions are listed. 

e-guma Backoffice

In the e-guma Backoffice you can select the positions to be redeemed.


In the  WebCashbox you can select and, if applicable, modify the positions to be redeemed.  

e-guma Voucher App

In the  Voucher App you can select and, if applicable, modify the positions to be redeemed. 

Cash register interface

Positions can also be redeemed at the point of sale via an interface. When using POS interfaces, subcodes or different redeem locations must be used. 

Listing in the redemption report

The redemption of a position is listed in the redemption report as any regular redemption of a voucher. Additionally, the name of the position will be listed. 

Optionally, a summary of redeemed positions per location can be activated, in order to quickly extract the number of redeemed positions. 

Please contact us if you would like to have the summary activated in the redemption report.

Voucher management

In the voucher management section, the positions of a voucher are listed. Redeemed positions are displayed in grey.  


When using the der e-guma module for organisations, vouchers with positions can also be redeemed by members and Small Client users.  

In the organisation journal, every redeemed position is listed. When multiple positions are redeemed, an entry will be made for every position redeemed. 

With the organisation solution, the redemption by a member is only listed in the organisation journal, not in the redemption report.


Please consider the following restrictions for vouchers with positions:

  • Not all voucher types and configurations are compatible with positions.
  • Position vouchers are generally available for one person. The choice of person and tariff must be clarified individually.
  • No special offers can be set up for vouchers with position redemption.
  • The automatic credit in the event of a price increase cannot be used.
  • Vouchers with positions cannot be redeemed in the ticketing system.