Overview of Jawengo interface

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With this interface you can redeem and in the future also sell vouchers directly on the Jawengo POS.


Browser Modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari (with ES6 support)
Internet connection Yes
Jawengo Suite from version 2.0



The interface to e-guma is already included in the Jawengo license. 

Jawengo AG will be happy to give you information about the costs of the license: jawengo.com

Activation and use of the interface by e-guma is included in the e-guma service. 



Redeem voucher
Scanner support
planned for Jawengo 3.0
Redeem vouchers with line item solution No
Cancel redemption
planned for Jawengo 3.0
Overwrite amount when redeeming voucher Yes
Check voucher balance
Issue (activate) deposit voucher
In the older version of the interface
vouchers and other items cannot
be sold in the same order. 

planned for Jawengo 3.0
Cancel (deactivate) deposit voucher planned for Jawengo 3.0
Issue (activate) deposit voucher with flexible amount
planned for Jawengo 3.0
Top up vouchers
Multiple API keys Yes, per payment method or POS station



The functions for activating e-guma are already integrated in the POS module and can be used immediately.

New payment method for redemption

Set up in the Jawengo Suite under the menu item Point of Sale > Configuration > Payment methods a new payment method e-guma voucher. In the Point of Sale tab, activate the Rental Item function and then the Use e-guma Vouchers function. Enter the API key received from e-guma in the e-guma API Key field.

Please contact us so that we can generate the API Key for you.

Assignment of the payment method to the POS station

Switch to the menu item Point of Sale > Configuration > Checkout Stations and open the desired station. In the list of Existing payment methods, select the previously created payment method. The functions for using e-guma vouchers will be available the next time the POS station is opened.

New item for voucher sales (optional)

Voucher sales have not yet been implemented in the current version. This function is planned for Jawengo 3.0.


We recommend that you purchase a scanner to input the voucher codes. You can find a selection of scanners here.