e-guma Organisation Members - Selling a voucher via the full version of e-guma

Do you have a full version of e-guma and are a member of an organisation? In this article you will find our how to manage and sell an organisation voucher with your full version of e-guma.

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Searching for an organisation voucher

Organisation vouchers that you purchase with your full version of e-guma are not listed in your voucher management. You can find all organisation vouchers in the menu under Tools -> Platform Journal.


Selling an organisation voucher

Sales options

You can sell an organisation voucher in just the same way as you sell your own vouchers, with the following sales options:

Organisation vouchers cannot be sold via a POS interface. An error message appears.

Issuing an organisation voucher

When you issue an organisation voucher, the Customer, Discount, and Payment Type options are not available. Likewise, stock vouchers for an organisation cannot be activated together with your own stock vouchers. Neither can stock vouchers from different organisations be combined.

After activation, no acknowledgement is displayed.

Posting an organisation voucher as a customer payable

We recommend that you post the organisation vouchers purchased by the customer as customer payables.Inform your accounting department of the sold organisation voucher. Your organisation will request the transfer of the amount in the invoice.

Sales report - Organisation Journal

The sold organisation vouchers do not appear in your sales report, but rather in the Platform Journal.This journal can be viewed at any time:

In the menu of the e-guma voucher system, select Tools -> Platform Journal