Overview of Oracle MICROS 3700 interface

This interface is currently only available for customers in Switzerland. Installation will be carried out by FO - Data. We are in discussion with Oracle Hospitality to offer the interface directly again.

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Interface in use

With this interface, you can redeem and sell vouchers directly on the Oracle MICROS 3700 POS. How to use the interface in daily use is described in the manual Oracle MICROS 3700 Interface in Use.



Product Micros 3700
Operating system Windows CE, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 8.1 or higher
Internet connection Yes



Your POS partner will give you information on the costs of the interface and its installation.

Activation and use of the interface by e-guma is included in the e-guma service.



Redeem voucher
Redeem vouchers with line item solution Yes, max. 1 line item per location
Cancel redemption
Overwrite amount when redeeming voucher No
Check voucher balance
Issue (activate) deposit voucher
Cancel (deactivate) deposit voucher Yes
Issue (activate) deposit voucher with unrestricted amount
Top up vouchers
Multiple API keys No



Your POS partner will install the interface and perform the configurations below.

Please contact us - we will coordinate the installation for you.

New payment method for redemption

Set up a new payment type on your POS system e-guma Voucher. It should not be the payment method you used for your previous vouchers. The existing payment method should, however, continue to be used for the redemption of the existing vouchers.

New item for voucher sales (optional)

If you want to sell vouchers via your POS system, set up a new item Voucher, which does not contain VAT and is not relevant to turnover. It should be possible to freely select the amount of this item during checkout.


We recommend that you purchase a scanner to input the voucher codes. You can find a selection of scanners here.