e-guma Organisations - Manage members

In this guide, we explain how you can edit and export members of an organisation.

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User right

To be able to access the menu item Organisation, you need the administration right. If you do not have this right, please contact your internal e-guma administrator.

Edit members

In the menu of the e-guma Voucher System, select Organisation -> Member Management. This will show a list of all members. Click on the pencil icon for the desired member.


Edit or add to the desired details. You can also assign a password reset e-mail addresss to the member here. Confirm the details by clicking on the Save button.


Here you can directly generate a new password for the member and send it by mail or alternatively trigger a mail to reset the password.


If your member receives a separate commission rate, you can enter it here:

Member should sell organisation vouchers

Please contact us if you would like your members to sell organisation vouchers. We will be happy to enable this feature in your version of e-guma.

If your member would also like to sell vouchers, you can also specify this here. To do this, check the box Sell deposit vouchers and enter a commission rate.

Moreover, enter the IBAN of your member here. A valid IBAN is required for every member in particular if you want to use the payoutfile pain.001.   

If no or an invalid IBAN is entered, the member is labelled as incomplete in the overview. 

Export members

In the menu of the e-guma Voucher System, select Organisation -> Member Management. Click on the blue button Export as Excel.