An overview of Sofort (Klarna)

Here, you can find what you need to know about instant payments with  Sofort (Klarna).

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How Sofort payments work

Sofort is a part of the Klarna group, the leading European provider of alternative payment systems.

Sofort is a TÜV-certified online payment system that allows cashless online payments. 

Online shop users transfer the account number, their PIN, their online banking password and a valid TAN via an encrypted connection to the payment service. The actual transaction is then carried out in the customer's name at the customer's bank. In this final step, the processor, Sofort GmbH, accesses additional details, other than the account balance, to validate the availability of funds As a vendor, you will receive real-time confirmation following completion of the Sofort instant transfer. This allows you to send vouchers or tickets immediately, allowing buyers to receive their purchases more quickly.

More information, relating to security and data protection in particular, can be found at



Information about fees per transaction, the one-off activation fee and the monthly service charge can be obtained directly from  Sofort (Klarna).


Configuring the payment method

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Cancelling a transactions

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