Configuring Sofort (Klarna) as​ a payment method

In this article, you'll learn how to configure Sofort (Klarna) as a payment method for your online shop.

Register for Sofort

If you wish to use Sofort as a payment method in your e-guma online shop, registration is required.


Go to the following website:


Enter all the information requested and select Register for free.


Then follow the instructions to log in.


Configuring your Sofort account

In the next step, you are required to open the e-guma online shop as a project in your Sofort account and connect it to our payment service provider  Datatrans.

Please  contact us as soon as you have finished setting up your Sofort account.


Select New Projects from the left of the page, then Create a Sofort project -> SOFORT Classic project -> Create a SOFORT Banking project. Now complete the information under General Settings, Address, Special features and Bank Information. It is important that you do not activate test mode for your real account.


Under Interface, apply the following settings:

Success link:
Automatic redirection: activate
Abort link:


Confirm your entries by clicking on the Save button.


You will now see the new register above. Click on Extended settings and then on Shop system interface


Under Time out: Define a timeout in 1500 seconds.


Return to Extended settings and click on Notifications. Add the following notifications:

E-mail notification: activate
E-mail address: Enter your e-mail address
Language: Select the desired language.

HTTP Notification: activate
Notification URL
Method: POST


Return to Extended settings, then click on Passwords and hash algorithm to generate both passwords.


In the  Hash algorithm field, select SHA256, then click on Save


Your account is now configured. Please send the details below to us at (we require this information for Datatrans). We will notify Datatrans as soon as your Sofort account has been successfully configured.

- Customer Number
- Project ID 
- Project Password 
- Notification Password


As soon as we have received confirmation of activation from Datatrans, we can activate Sofort (Klarna) as a payment method in your online shop.