Grouping of ticket types in the online shop

This function is still in its test phase. Please  contact us for this extension to be turned on.

Do you have a large number of different ticket types for your event? In this article, we'll show you how you can group your ticket types.

In this article 

Add a title


Create or edit an event as  described here.

Click on Add title
Enter a description and click OK.

The group title will only appear in the online shop and not on the ticket printout. For this reason, it is important that you enter a title for the ticket variant. e.g., Adults departing Kreuzlingen and not just Adults.

Optionally you can choose whether the ticket types of this group are opened by default in the ticket shop.

The title of a group is shown in bold type. You can move the title to the correct position using the arrow.
Once you have added all titles, you can save the event.

It is important to ensure that the top entry is a title.


Display in the online shop

One title per area is displayed in the online shop. This can be opened with a click, showing all the associated ticket types.