How to create and print QR code labels

Would you like to continue using your existing print layout on site, still working with e-guma codes? No problem! The following directions explain how you can design the corresponding QR-code stickers for your layouts from a simple Excel list.

Just generate the list using the e-guma backend and then use the online label assistant from HERMA.

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Preparation in e-guma

In order to work with the HERMA label assistant, you need a new e-guma stock series with the voucher codes. Directions for generating this list can be found at the following links: Manage stock series or create stock vouchers with flexible amount. Make sure that you select "Generate voucher codes only" from the options available (not "Create PDF").

Preparation of the Excel list

Create a new row for both columns. 

Name Column A QR code and Column B number, so that these can later be used as fields for serial printing. Save the Excel list as an Excel spreadsheet.xlsx file in a place where you can access it quickly during the next step. 

You have completed preparations and can now design your labels.The following explains how to do this.

Order labels at

Step 1 - Choose format

First, choose which format you want your labels to have. Please remember that you should already have the print sheets or that you should buy them. Label print sheets are available at or from stationery stores. We┬┤ve selected a few of them for you:

Step 2 - design label

Click on the orange pencil in the Design now area.

Then select online blank template, to open the label assistant.

Then click on  mail merge - on the window following on Here we go.

Next click on  Browse and select the saved stock series from e-guma.

You can now start designing the QR code labels. Choose  Create barcode/QR code

Next select Set up barcode / QR Code. After selecting, this will appear on the label. You can select both if necessary and if the label is large enough. You can move the codes as you wish, or make them larger or smaller.

In addition to the QR and/or barcode, we also recommend printing the 12-digit alphanumeric code on the label. In the event that the QR and/or barcode cannot be read from your devices, you can still find the voucher using the alphanumeric code and activate/redeem it manually. Remove the tick at Create barcode/QR code. The first image reappears. Activate both fields Number and Create selected fields individually. To confirm, click on add fields.

A placeholder for the 12-digit alphanumeric voucher code will also appear. You can now edit this, and, for example, define font type, size and positioning.

If the label is to your liking, click on  Done and Continue. Then click on PDF preview. 

Carefully check if the QR code/barcode and the 12-digit alphanumeric code have enough space on the label. If not, reposition the elements.

We also recommend carrying out random checks on the QR/barcodes. Scan 3, 4 codes with your smartphone. Is the code stored here the same as the corresponding alphanumeric code?If everything is OK, you can create the PDF and print it on your stickers.