e-guma Organisation Members - Selling a voucher via Small Client (computer)

In this article you will find out how you can sell organisation vouchers via Small Client (computer)

In this article

Selling vouchers via Small Client

Go to the website www.e-guma.ch/login and enter your login details. You don't know your login details? Follow these instructions.


Under Activate voucher in the Voucher code field, enter the 12-digit voucher code.

e-guma works with Autocomplete. The first 4 characters are sufficient when entering the code.


You can then type in the amount desired by the customer and click on Activate.


The revenue from the sold vouchers must be credited to the organisation at the beginning of the new month. The details of this can be found in the invoice that the organisation will send to you.

If this sales option is not feasible for you > Go to the various sales options


Sales report - Organisation Journal

In the Sales section of the journal you can see all the organisation vouchers that have been sold. You can filter the journal by date, type (sale or commission) and organisation. When you log in, the figures for the current day are displayed.

You can see the total number of vouchers sold at a glance at the top. Below, all sold vouchers are listed individually.


You can export the sales report as a PDF or Excel file. For the comparison with the cash register you can take over the figures from the summary.