e-guma Group - Cross-client users

In this article, you'll learn how to create a user with access to all group members.

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Creating a cross-client user

User permissions

In order to create a cross-client user, you must have access to the User administration permission. If your user account does not have the necessary permissions, please contact your internal e-guma administrator.

Log in as the Group lead client.
In the menu, select Settings -> Users.
Click on the button on the left-hand side labelled New.

Fill in the name, username, password and e-mail address details. Select a location and specify the permissions that the user should have. In addition, select the option labelled Add to all member clients. Confirm the details and click on the Save button.

If a user already exists in the group's clients with the same username, this user will be overwritten.

e-guma will now create the new user for all clients in the group. Please note that the user can only be edited from the group's lead client.


Easily switch between group clients

Once you log in with a cross-client user, you can switch between the individual member clients without logging in.

To do this, click on the Client names at the top right. The group's lead client will appear at the top of the drop down, following which the individual group clients will be sorted alphabetically. Clicking on the desired client enables you to switch to that client.

Activating the funcftion

The cross-client user functionality does not come as standard. Please contact us to activate this functon in your Back Office.