e-guma Groups - Monthly billing

If a voucher is sold by Partner Business A and redeemed at Partner Business B, e-guma will record this redemption.

At the end of the month, e-guma will generate a consolidated invoice which shows when vouchers were redeemed during the month, and what their values were, across all group members. This means that you will receive a balance for each group member, which may be positive or negative, and which can be settled by the group's lead client. 

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Exporting voucher settlements

Once e-guma has generated the invoice, you will receive an e-mail with a direct link to the settlement. Alternatively, you may choose (via the Group Lead Client) Group -> Settlements.
Click on the Show button for the desired period.
You will now see a listing of all group members.
Click on the PDF button to open the monthly report.


Understanding voucher settlements

The voucher settlement contains a list of all redemptions across all group members and calculations for individual businesses to be credited or debited.

If the setting to prevent booking of complimentary vouchers is active for your account, complimentary vouchers will not be shown in the group settlement.


In this example, the group consists of the group lead client, Classic Collection and its two group members, Hotel Beethoven Palace and Hotel Mozart.

The voucher  T4MW-8H3V-PAP3 was ordered at the Hotel Mozart, but redeemed at the Hotel Beethoven Palace on 13 October 2017. The Hotel Beethoven Palace will be credited CHF 177 for this redemption. Meanwhile the same amount will be debited from the Hotel Mozart.

Voucher 4L2K-PKTE-VAT8 involves the opposite scenario; the Hotel Mozart will be credited CHF 123, which must be paid by the Hotel Beethoven Palace

The voucher  W3SV-7SL4-TNP6  was purchased from the group's lead client, Classic Collection and redeemed in part in each of the Beethoven Palace and Mozart Hotels. The Hotel Beethoven Palace will therefore be credited CHF 232 and the Hotel Mozart will be credited with CHF 138. This only occurs where your group lead client has a group online shop.


Accounting for voucher settlements

Book the value of the credits/debits per business in the relevant financial accounts.This amount should always be booked against the group lead client - in our example, against the Classic Collection.


Group journal

The group journal logs all redemptions across the entire group in real time.

This journal can be viewed at any time:

Group lead client

In the menu of the e-guma Voucher System belonging to the group lead client, select Group -> Journal. 

Group member

In the menu of the e-guma Voucher System belonging to a group client, select Tools -> Group Journal.