Designing QR code series in InDesign

Are you using a special format as a voucher layout (e.g. credit card format, double-sided printing) and does serial printing with individual vouchers as well as QR codes have to be prepared? If so, we'd be delighted to show you how the voucher codes created can be transformed from e-guma into a series in InDesign.

In this article

Create voucher codes

Find out here how to export voucher codes from Excel lists.

Prepare Excel file with the codes

Please copy the codes with and without hyphen into a new Excel file and add an empty row (1).
  • The column with the codes without hyphen is used to create the QR codes and should be designated #qrcode in the cell A1.
  • The column with the codes with hyphen is printed directly on the file and should be labelled code in the cell B1.
  • The file must then be saved as CSV (delimiter-separated) (*.csv).

Enter codes in InDesign

You can now open the voucher layout in InDesign and then select the menu item Window > Utilities > Data Merge.This opens the small menu window Data Merge.

About the newly-opened menu window Data merge the saved Excel file can be imported via Select data source.

The previously-named columns of the Excel file are now displayed as building blocks.

On the voucher layout, you can create an empty text field and for the QR code, an empty, square frame

The building blocks (qrcode and code) can now be dragged from the Data Merge menu window to the appropriate place and therefore placed in the text or square field.

You can then select the Create merged document option

and click OKhere.

This way, InDesign creates a series with the voucher and QR codes in a new document, and the entire document can be printed afterwards.