e-guma Organisation Members - Redeeming vouchers via POS interface (POS)

In this article you will find out how you can redeem organisation vouchers via POS interface.

In this article

Please note:

  • As a rule, we advise against the use of a POS interface. The cost is not proportionate to the benefit.
  • Only 1 API key can be created per business
  • The API key can be edited afterwards
  • In anything is unclear or your have questions, please contact us immediately

Checking available POS interfaces

Please first check whether an integration with your system is available, by consulting the following list. If the integration is available, you can proceed by following the instructions below.

Creating an API key

In the menu of the e-guma voucher system, select Settings.
Scroll down to the API Key section and click on Add API key.
A window opens in which you can select the name of your POS software. Next click on Add.
The window closes, and you receive your API Key, which you can use for your integration.

Redeeming vouchers via POS interface (POS)

As soon as the interface is installed, you can redeem the voucher using a scanner or by entering the code.

POS interface not available

If you are interested in an interface, we would be happy to request a quotation from your POS partner. Please contact us as follows:

Email: support@e-guma.ch
Subject: POS interface // NAME OF THE ORGANISATION


We are members of NAME OF THE ORGANISATION. We at BUSINESS NAME are interested in a POS interface for our NAME OF THE POS POS system. Please contact our POS partner, NAME & CONTACT DETAILS OF THE POS PARTNER

Kind regards,

If this redemption option is not feasible for you > Go to redemption options