Sell vouchers with your own online shop

This article will tell you how to proceed if you do not use the vouchers with the e-guma voucher shops, but rather want to sell via your own shop.

In this article

Technical documentation about the interface

e-guma offers an interface through which a third-party system can submit a voucher order into e-guma. Please check with your shop provider if it can carry out this integration.

You can get technical documentation about the interface here.


Possible procedure when purchasing a voucher

The buyer chooses a voucher in your shop and puts it in the shopping cart.
During the ordering process, the buyer chooses the delivery method print@home or posting method .
The buyer enters further information such as payment data and completes the order.
Your shop system transmits the details of the selected voucher to the e-guma interface and stores the data received from e-guma such as order number, URL with download for a PDF voucher and an URL to open the vouchers in the voucher management space.
Your shop system sends a confirmation email to the buyer. This e-mail contains a URL link to download the vouchers. 
Mailing/printing vouchers
When the order is placed, a PDF voucher download link will be displayed in your shop system.You download the PDF voucher and send it to the buyer.
Mailing/depositing vouchers
When the order is placed, a link will be displayed in your shop system, which will take you to the ordered vouchers in e-guma to assign codes to the vouchers.Send the activated voucher(s) to the buyer.         

Special cases

Items in the shopping cart

If the buyer puts not only a voucher, but also an item into the cart, the print@home option should be deactivated.

Cancel order

Your shop system can cancel an order with vouchers using the e-guma interface to delete the vouchers in e-guma. It must always be a complete order which is deleted.


Configuring e-guma


e-guma uses a third-party payment system for all orders Shop-Interface. If this is not available, please enter it. 

Acquirer contract/Datatrans

Since the payments are processed via a third-party system, it is unnecessary for e-guma to conclude an acquiring contract.

Redirection from e-guma shop to your own shop

When entering the e-guma Shop URL (e.g. you should be redirected to a URL like



Please note that some functions of e-guma cannot be used for integration via the interface.

  • Only vouchers and package vouchers can be sold for a fixed price. 
  • It is not possible make special offers.
  • Promo codes created in e-guma cannot be redeemed through a third-party system. Using the promo code feature of your shop system.
  • A voucher cannot be previewed.
  • The e-guma Facebook App cannot be used.
  • In e-guma, all voucher orders have the same payment method. However, the payment method used is visible in your shop system.
  • If a voucher or an order is deleted in e-guma, then the credit must be carried out by your shop system, your payment service provider or manually.
  • In e-guma it is not clear whether or not a voucher needs to be sent. This information is stored in your shop system.
  • If you offer an invoice in your shop as a payment method and vouchers are purchased with this payment method, these can be redeemed immediately in e-guma. If this process is not desired, the integration with your shop system would have to be extended so that the vouchers are delivered after payment.

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