Importing vouchers into e-guma

Please read this article thoroughly if you would like to import existing vouchers into your e-guma voucher system.

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What you need to know

Any existing differences will be carried over into the e-guma Voucher System. We therefore recommend a clear cut-off point, rather than importing existing vouchers.

e-guma commission

Imported vouchers do not attract a commission in e-guma.


Costs for importing voucherrs are CHF 550.00 / EUR 550.00 per e-guma client.

If you choose to import fewer than 100 vouchers, the import costs CHF 225.00 / EUR 225.00 per e-guma client.



So that we can import your vouchers, we request that you download and fill out the voucher import form as an Excel file.

Voucher import form

Essential voucher details


All vouchers that you have issued before introducing your e-guma Voucher System should have received a number and/or a code. You are required to enter this code into the form. If we do not have a number or code, it is not possible to perform a reconciliation. The question is then how you can find these vouchers (i.e., which search criteria you can use) when the recipients want to redeem the vouchers with you.

Total value

Please enter the initial voucher balance here. If you leave these fields blank, e-guma will use the voucher value  0.

Issue date

The date on which you issued the voucher


Vouchers that you offer free of charge (e.g., as sponsorship) are called complimentary vouchers. Enter Yes in this column, if the voucher that you are importing was issued free of charge.

Additional voucher details

The more details about your voucher that you would like to import, the better. You can complete the following data in the form:

  • Voucher name together with any services it encompasses
  • Any previously redeemed amounts
  • Expiry date
  • Names of the gift giver and receipient
  • A marker showing that the voucher is still unpaid
  • Comments