Using stock vouchers for the online shop

Maybe you don't have any options to print vouchers locally, or perhaps you would like to create a custom voucher format (e.g., credit card format vouchers). If so, we're pleased to present the functionality Using stock vouchers for the online shop.

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The use of stock in the online shop is automatically applied to the entire voucher portfolio. For this reason, this feature is only suitable if you exclusively offer vouchers in your online shop for a financial value. Otherwise you would have to pre-print all service vouchers, with variants for all options, as stock vouchers.

Voucher layout

Learn everything you need to know about special voucher formats for use as stock vouchers, such as credit-card format vouchers, here.


A customer orders a voucher with postal delivery from your online shop.
You will receive e-mail notification from e-guma that a new voucher order has been placed, and which will be sent by post.
The order will appear in your Order Management tool without a voucher code.
Click on the Send action.
Take a pre-prepared stock voucher with the required value or a flexible amount, then enter the appropriate voucher code and click on OK.

Activating the functionality

The functionality to use stock vouchers for the online shop does not come as standard. Contact us to activate this function in your back office.