An overview of Nexi

Here, you can learn everything you need to know about the acquirer Nexi.

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Information about fees per transaction can be obtained from Nexi.

The exact commission rates can be found in the acceptance contract offered to you by Nexi.

Applying for the acceptance contract

We will apply to Nexi for an accceptance contract for distance selling (e-commerce) on your behalf. Nexi will issue this contract to you directly.

In this support article, you'll receive tips on filling out the contract. Tips for filling out the Nexi acceptance contract

Payment of your credits

Whenever a customer uses a credit card (MasterCard or Visa) to buy a ticket or a voucher from your online shop, the data is transferred to Nexi instantly in real time, booked overnight, and the funds credited the next day. Friday's transactions are credited on the following Monday, as no credits are made over the weekend.

In the Acceptance Contract, you have the option of selecting the payment frequenc as well as the way in which you are notified of the payment.