Tips for filling out the AMEX (Swisscard AECS) Acceptance Contract

Apply for a contract

We will apply on your behalf to Swisscard AECS for an Acceptance Contract for Distance Selling (E-Commerce). This will be sent to you by Swisscard AECS directly.

As American Express can take three to four weeks to be activated, it is important that you prioritise this task and return the contract to Swisscard AECS ( as soon as possible.

Filling out the contract

You will find below a template of the Swisscard AECS Acceptance Contract (please do not print out the contract). In the case of sole proprietorships and limited partnerships, part 3b must also be completed and Swisscard AECS requires a copy of the identity document. As an acceptance contract is a banking agreement, there may be individual aspects to these contracts.

Should you have any questions related to your contract, please contact Swisscard's customer service team by telephone on 044 659 64 44.