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In this article you will find out how you can inform your service providers/members regarding your new organisation voucher, either with a contract or a newsletter.

In this article

Communication example

We recommend creating an area on your website that provides information on the organisation voucher. This can involve publishing the redemption and sales locations and specifying certain conditions. We are pleased to provide four customer examples:


For service providers / members – Highlighting benefits and advantages

  • Increased turnover through new guests
  • Transparent, secure, and incredibly simple
  • No underlying fees and costs
  • No increased workload when selling vouchers
  • Regular and simple invoices
  • Fast and simple redemption for hotels and guests
  • Guests with vouchers spend significantly more
  • Additional marketing
  • Administration, coordination, and sales


For service providers / members – Brief explanation of handling

Example: The guests presents the voucher with the voucher number when visiting. These numbers can be simply and quickly processed online at e-guma.ch, or via the Voucher App on your smartphone and/or tablet. Detailed instructions are provided after the conclusion of your contract.


For service providers / members – Showing costs

Examples: Participation and the use of the voucher system are free of charge. Following the successful redemption of the voucher, you will receive the redeemed amount, transferred into your account on a monthly basis.

Examples: There are no fees - 100% of the redeemed amount is reimbursed.

Examples: When paying out your credit, a commission of 5% is deducted from your credit total. This commission covers the costs for administration and marketing, as well as the services provided by e-guma.

Examples: The revenue from the vouchers will be reimbursed at the start of the next month. The invoice information will also be sent to an email address, which you specify, at the end of the month.


For service providers / members – Termination:

Examples: The contract is issued for an undefined period. After a fixed term of 2 years, you can terminate the contract subject to a notice period of 3 months from the end of the respective month.

Example: The termination period is intended for the redemption of unredeemed vouchers.

Examples: In the case of bookings made prior to the withdrawal date, and with the stay scheduled for after the withdrawal date, vouchers must continue to be accepted as a means of payment.


For service providers / members – Data protection:

Data is recorded in the voucher system operated by Idea Creation GmbH (e-guma). The Data Protection Declaration of Idea Creation GmbH applies.


Obligations and conditions:

The following examples apply to both parties as applicable (i.e. for the member as well as for the person receiving the voucher as a gift)

  • Acceptance of vouchers as a means of payment, with no limit on the number of vouchers
  • Redemption of the vouchers prior to acceptance via the e-guma application
  • Vouchers are only valid for direct bookings with the hotel/restaurant
  • Vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions
  • IBAN number must be provided
  • Vouchers are valid for 2 years, plus an additional 2 years as a gesture of goodwill
  • No cash reimbursement
  • Transferable yes / no
  • No refund, no exchange
  • Voucher can only be accepted if it is physically present
  • Partial redemption of the voucher yes / no
  • Vouchers must be handed over upon redemption
  • Contact details in case of queries


Sample agreement for service providers / members

Feel free to download our sample agreement.